When Australia went into lockdown, our national internet bandwidth was stretched to the limit, causing delays and outages across the country. For all organisations, including Aged Care providers, this has proven how vital it is to have robust commercial-grade communications infrastructure. We’ve seen how the facilities that rely on legacy infrastructure or slow disparate systems are struggling to keep up, while those with exceptional communications infrastructure are coming out on top. With the migration to internet technologies, the power of e-Health and the major impact of entertainment and connectivity on wellbeing, providers with solid communications infrastructure have emerged as leaders in the industry. Here are some of our key findings from Covid-19:

e-Health offers opportunities for advanced virus detection

During the pandemic, organisations with advanced communications infrastructure have turned their residents’ rooms into active health hubs. They monitor and check residents’ vital health information from afar, helping reduce face-to-face contact and enhance safety. Everything from residents’ temperatures, to their activity levels and heart rates can be accessed remotely and in real time. If there are any changes or abnormal behaviours, these can be detected as they emerge, enabling facilities to realise a potential Covid-19 outbreak much faster. Residents who show symptoms can then be isolated and tested immediately, containing a possible outbreak before it can spread out of control.

Connectivity is crucial to mental health

The lockdown in residential Aged Care facilities has also put providers to the test not only from the immediate physical risk of the virus, but also from a mental health perspective. Residents are being cut off from their loved ones and given minimal face-to-face contact with staff and other residents. This is naturally leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation. The facilities that embrace tele-communication technology can greatly reduce this social isolation and increase connection between residents and families, bridging the distance between loved ones. Being able to access video calling and other internet services is having a huge impact on residents’ state of mind, helping increase overall happiness in a time where it is uncertain when they’ll next see their families or friends.

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