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Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

We live in a time of great technological change. The constant pressure on organisations to provide high-quality, high-speed IP and cloud-based infrastructure is only increasing. It’s never been more important to invest in a future-proof network that supports innovation and growth, while connecting you to the Internet of Things (IoT).



Duplication happens when multiple networks have been installed on the same premises, compromising speed, efficiency and workspace. It can be common for buildings have up to fifteen networks running at once just for essential services like Wi-Fi, Security, Mechanical, ICT and Electrical Systems. Not only is this expensive to repair and maintain, but with multiple contracts to keep track of and the latent legacy issues of traditional core and edge switches, it can significantly hinder productivity.

Duplication Network



Using passive splitters, a GPON consolidates your services into just one simple, high-quality fibre network, eliminating the waste caused by duplication.

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Benefits of


By eliminating big communications rooms occupied by duplicated infrastructure, a single fibre network will provide extra space to innovate within your facility.


Modern fibre cabling will boost your Green Star Rating. It’s made from glass, so it’s fully recyclable, plus GPON uses 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks.


With bandwidth speeds up to nine times faster and far less interruptions, a GPON will boost productivity, provide greater network security and create exciting new usage opportunities. Plus, it will also adapt to a growing user capacity as your organisation expands over time.


Switching to a GPON is has been proven to provide a big return on investments. It can significantly reduce your capital, maintenance, operational and life cycle costs, allowing you to focus your funds on new ventures that grow your business.

10GIG: Next Generation Passive Optical Networks (NG-PON2)

The future of passive optical networks is here. NG-PON2 has opened the door to a multi-wavelength, multi-gigabit broadband communications world.

Able to support up to eight wavelengths of 10Gbps on just one fibre network, it has the potential to revolutionise communications infrastructure in two ways: either by delivering much greater bandwidth to an endpoint, or by delivering the same bandwidth to more endpoints.

We’re leading the charge in this technology, with our goal to improve the communications experience of our customers at top of mind.

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