The 2018 Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) conference, one of the Australian Aged Care industry’s most anticipated annual events, kicks off in under a month. Over November 21st and 22nd at the Adelaide Convention Centre, ITAC will bring together leading international and national experts in the fields of Information Technology and Aged Care. With key topics ranging from community care to medication management, assistive technologies, and information systems delivery, this years’ programme will cover the hottest news, opportunities, and issues affecting the IT and Aged Care sectors in 2018.

“Understanding IT is now crucial for anyone working in the Aged Care sector. It holds the key to solving many of the challenges of our nation’s aging population, improving the efficiency of healthcare care services and enhancing residents’ quality of life,” says Managing Director of NCIS Group, Dean Beaumont.

The theme for this years’ conference, Co-Designing our Digital Future, will focus on how innovation and technologies can be utilised to support the Disability and Aged Care industries into the future. Lectures and presentations over the two-day event will also tackle how providers can navigate the current Aged Care climate, amid new government reforms, and residents having a greater say in their lifestyles.

“Past ITAC conferences have seen members of Aged Care sector come together to share knowledge, improve their understanding of technology, and discuss how this technology can better be utilised in Aged Care. This has helped many of Australia’s largest Aged Care players improve their care and respond faster to residents’ needs,” says Dean.

“We constantly see first-hand that the providers who innovate get ahead, while those that don’t often get left behind. If you’re involved in the Aged Care sector, staying informed is a must. The future of Aged Care is digital, enabling care providers to do more with less, communicate more efficiently, and better interpret their data.”

The 2018 ITAC conference will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest Information Technology trends in the industry, and how these can secure the sustainability of Australia’s Aged Care sector, as it grapples with the demands of an ageing population.

NCIS can’t wait to see you at ITAC!

The NCIS team will be at ITAC 2018, ready to answer your questions. We’re the people to talk to about the future of broadband technologies in Aged Care. In fact, we took out last years’ ITAC award for “Best application of Business Intelligence to leverage value from Big Data” for our GPON solution: a future-proof network system that has helped many Aged Care providers connect faster and improve their efficiency, all while improving quality of life for seniors.

You can trust NCIS deliver reliable and efficient communications solutions that transform your capabilities and push you ahead in the Aged Care industry. To learn more about the advantages of installing an award-winning Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution, enquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP.

You can find out more about ITAC 2018, here.