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Talius Aged Care Technology

Providing the best quality of care to residents

NCIS Group solves the problem of inadequate IT infrastructure in aged care by revolutionising providers’ communications networks.

The problem

The aged care industry is facing serious challenges when it comes to compliance, communication and quality of life for residents. We utilise the Talius™ Smart Care Platform to solve some aged care providers’ biggest challenges in one simple and easy-to-implement solution.

The solution

The Talius™ AI Engine Technology is a future-proof, technology-based solution, that helps aged care providers collect data from a range of sensors in order to improve safety and share insights in simple dashboards. Rather than providing simple alerts that don’t speak to one-another through a conventional nurse call system, the Talius solution works by:

  • Accurately sensing residents’ health and wellbeing, as often as every three seconds
  • Processing real-time data, at scale, to provide the fastest outcomes
  • Connecting nurses and care staff with the most appropriate next action

With world-class sensors that offer consistent and accurate monitoring of residents, the Talius solution helps aged care organisations make the best use of data in order to improve quality of care. It can be easily integrated with the NCIS GPON communications infrastructure.

The Best Sensors On The Market For Aged Care

Talius Group Limited supplies the world’s most awarded aged care specialists sensors, which are not available anywhere else.

Care@Home™ C7000 Control Panel

The Care@Home™ control panel is the central communication gateway for managing and communicating between the system peripherals, the Care@Home™ cloud, the monitoring station, and the end-user applications. ...

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Care@Home Communicator

A wireless, smart emergency response device with Intelligent Voice Activation™ technology, integrated into the Care@Home™ product suite solution, providing an added layer of care by allowing residents to call for help when unable to press their panic button....

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Care@Home Emergency Button

Wireless Stationary Emergency Button for the Care@Home™ system. It features: Medical alarm notification to the central monitoring station, via the Control Panel, large sunken button for ease of panic alarm operation and suitability for various audiences in need of 24/7......

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Benefits of Talius Aged Care Technology

By combining a GPON network with Talius A.I Engine Technology, aged care providers can transform the nursing and staff management process, increasing their staff effectiveness, while decreasing costs and risk.

Communication with families

Talius unburdens families, providing them with important information on their own terms. The solution offers them valuable peace of mind, in knowing that their loved one is being looked after appropriately.

Resident autonomy

Moving towards data-informed management, Talius provides residents with greater freedoms, creating a more dignified and supported environment by resolving spot-check issues, nurse and family interruptions

Better compliance

With risk mitigation surrounding process adherence, data trails and reporting, Talius enables aged care providers to get ahead of the Royal Commission recommendations, protecting their team against legal action and ensuring greater resident privacy.

Sustainable profitability

Talius helps grow aged care organisations’ profitability by reducing the costs associated with hiring and training. It can also help aged care organisations develop a business model with recurring revenue streams.

Staff engagement

By boosting productivity, staff can reduce unnecessary repetition and waste from their workflow, leading to increased satisfaction and job happiness.

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