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NCIS Group’s digital infrastructure enables facilities to improve outcomes and end user experience that drives innovation and growth.

With expertise in communications infrastructure, Gigabit Fibre Optic Communications and IP technologies, we provide the world’s most advanced network solutions tailored seamlessly to the unique needs of any business.

Solving communications problems in a hyper connected world

NCIS Group solves the problem of inadequate IT infrastructure in aged care and hospitality by revolutionising the way communications networks are constructed. Delivering a state-of-the-art GPON network, we reduce our clients’ operating costs while increasing their end-users’ experience.

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Sustainable Network Infrastructure

Using passive splitters, a GPON consolidates your services into just one simple, high-quality fibre network, eliminating the waste caused by duplication. The use of fibre will boost your Green Star Rating. It’s made from glass, so it’s fully recyclable, plus it uses 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks.

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Having worked on installations across a wide range of sectors, from aged care to hospitality, education and construction, we can push you ahead of your field.

NCIS Group is helping to revolutionise fall prevention in aged care with Talius

July 4, 2023

For older Australians, falls are the single leading causes of injury, extended hospitalisations, and sadly leading to death. NCIS Group is leading the charge when it comes to fall prevention and A.I prediction in aged care, by helping providers integrate......

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NCIS Group utilising Talius and HSC’s PERs Technology for Uniting NSW.ACT Aged Care Residents

June 20, 2023

NCIS Group to implement this transformative aged care technology upgrade across part of the Retirement and Independent Living portfolio of Uniting NSW.ACT NCIS Group Pty Ltd is pleased to announce it has been selected to supply and install next-generation assistive......

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What aged care providers need to know about Telstra’s 3G network shutdown

September 12, 2022

Telstra has announced that it will shut off its 3G capability effective as of June 2024. The shutdown will impact all devices and medical alarms that currently operate on Telstra’s 3G wireless mobile telecommunications network, including hundreds of thousands of......

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