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Marine Views Cottesloe

Cottesloe, WA

Built upon the historic Wearne site, Curtin Heritage Living Marine Views Cottesloe facility is a residential aged care home that offers residents stylish and comfortable beachside living. The facility is made up of households, each of which contain a small number of lavish resident suites.These suites are spacious, modern and customisable, and allow for fulfilling, homestyle living set to a picturesque coastal backdrop.

The Client's Challenge

Aged care facilities provide a large number of digital services to their residents. These services, if not consolidated correctly, are all hosted on segregated networks. This is known as duplicating, which as well as decreasing network speed and efficiency, is expensive to install and maintain. Curtin Heritage Living came to NCIS with precisely this challenge; they were in need of a way to integrate a number of IT services into a singular network.

The NCIS Solution

In order to increase productivity and decrease cost at Marine Views Cottesloe, NCIS installed a Gigabit Positive Optical Network (GPON), which integrated the Integrated Communication Technology (ICT) services into a singular, high quality optical network. With the problem of duplication solved, NCIS were then able to install a true Integrated Communications Network (ICN) which would operate on the GPON transport layer. This allowed for the connection and consolidation of security, building management, WIFI, TV, residential and commercial data services.