Fibre optic cabling through an integrated GPON offers a higher bandwidth, greater reach, faster connections and greater security – all at a lower cost in both opex and capex.

As an industry, hospitality and gaming relies on an organic and evolving social relationship with its clients. Hotels are constantly challenged to deliver secure, reliable access to communications services for their guests and staff.
As the world has been revolutionised by rapid technological developments, new era guests are widely renowned as last minute decision makers who rely heavily on social media outlets for testimonials on the performance of a hotel. Therefore, guests at hotels have high expectations for secure, reliable access to communication services.
It can be short-sighted and unnecessarily costly for hotels to continue deploying copper-based infrastructure, which has higher capital expenses and operational costs, consumes more energy, monopolises greater amounts of space, and poses a security risk.
Robust networks are also at the heart of gaming and hospitality operations, supporting critical resort and hotel management systems. Now there’s a great opportunity to improve guest service quality and simplify how the network operates with GPON infrastructure.
When building new hotels, or updating existing hospitality properties, fibre-optic cabling should be promoted and copper cabling discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Better bandwidth capacity
  • Future-proof GPON infrastructure
  • Greater reach
  • Compact design requires less space

Fibre optic cabling via GPON delivers dramatically faster, more efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and scalable networks compared to traditional copper-based infrastructure.
Hotels need easy-to-manage, high-speed network services for guests and facilities management. Our GPON solution greatly improves network service quality, simplifies network management and can be easily updated with next generation technologies.
GPON fibre connectivity gives hotel managers, staff and guests access to virtually unlimited bandwidth. A single fibre backbone replaces numerous cabling systems and provides a common platform for IP devices such as Security, Access Control, FTATV, PAYTV, Ultra Fast Internet, Guest BYODevice, telephony and video surveillance.

The benefits of GPON infrastructure for hotels:

Space savings
Hotels that leverage GPON technologies can earn significant space savings. Ultimately, this real estate savings can be repurposed as more beds, more rooms, larger rooms and expanded hotel/resort amenities.

Support for sustainability initiatives
Hospitality and gaming facilities are often heavy power users, but have undertaken sustainability initiatives. GPON can help meet those goals directly and with an indirect “rippling effect” through:  

  • Energy savings
  • Less plastics, PVCs, lead and copper
  • Credits toward NABERS or GBCA
  • The E3 Program

Convergence of all networks and services
As internet, phone, entertainment, CCTV, security and fire services can all be delivered over the same all-fibre GPON infrastructure, whole network convergence is an ideal option for Hotels wanting to better meet their telecommunication needs.

Controls and Security/Surveillance

Graceful migration of networks and legacy services
Most networks are a mix of analog and digital services. Completely replacing legacy services and networks can be expensive and difficult for the IT staff to support. GPON infrastructure can support both analog and digital service simultaneously, thus easing the transition to future pure IP/Ethernet.

Our innovative data over coax technology – DOCSIS – creates a cost-effective, agile way to bring high-speed internet connections into guest rooms and to upgrade network capacity for IPTV, OTT and diverse online video services and applications the guests are using on their own Wi-Fi-enabled digital devices. The solution provides a cost effective way to re-use existing cable infrastructure and avoid costly and time consuming installation of a new indoor cable infrastructure.

The NCIS solution:

By taking advantage of the benefits of GPON Infrastructure, hotels and resorts can surpass the efficiency and cost savings of modern high-performance LANs. By deploying GPON infrastructure in buildings and across an extended campus, hospitality facilities can lower capital expenses and operational costs, consume less energy, convert saved space into revenue-generating space, improve OLAN stability and tighten network security. Most importantly revolutionise the guests experience.