Installing optical fibre networks will leverage your business into the future. Here’s why.

If you’re deciding whether or not to make the leap to fibre optic networks, then you’re at the stage of determining whether the benefits outweigh the costs?

The answer is yes. Benefits outweigh cost.

At NCIS, we’ve delivered high-speed communication solutions to thousands of users and have seen first-hand how a sustainable communications solution can transform an organisation, operationally, financially, and even environmentally.

Slow Internet speeds and ‘maxed out’ connections can be detrimental to business productivity and efficiency.

Frequent technology glitches can be chaotic as in-house production becomes disjointed for employees who have to deal with a stop-start network. However, office morale is not the only sufferer. Poor networking services can impact on businesses meeting their deadlines, and if deadlines are missed then client needs are also at loss.

The fibre solution.

Our GPON network helps to combat this. We’re constantly finding new ways to improve quality and efficiency by ensuring higher connection speeds for clients.

Each business will have their own requirements and it’s important for clients to consider this their business outcomes before installing any network.

At NCIS our engineers, technicians and senior project managers are constantly upgrading and modifying infrastructure to make sure the network we provide meets your communication needs. (At least this way you know you’re getting your money’s worth.)

Here are some – out of the many – advantages having a fibre-optic network will have to deliver your business outcomes.

You’ll be able to do more with less.

With our GPON infrastructure, all your communication and security services will be consolidated onto one simple and effective network. This will open the doors to endless capacity for future expansion because:

  • More space means more room to innovate.
    By eliminating big communication rooms our single fibre network will provide extra space to be innovative within your business.
  • Fibre solutions are faster.
    Our GPON network will boost productivity with bandwidth speeds up to ten times faster than copper based services. Fibre allows high-speed access ensuring services like Wi-Fi, Security, ICT and Electrical Systems are working to their best.
  • Costs will be cut.
    Switching to a fibre-optic network has proven to provide a bigger return on investments. Because of this, you can enjoy reduced capital, maintenance, operational and life cycle costs allowing you to focus your funds on new business ventures.
  • Using fibre will boost your Green Star Rating
    Fibre is made from glass, so it’s fully recyclable. Plus it uses 80 % less copper and 60 % less power than traditional networks.

NCIS is ahead of the game with this fibre-optic technology, striving to take the communications experience of our customers to new heights.

If you’re interested in benefitting from the fibre advantage enquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP