Weather events like fire and flood are frequent in Australia, which strains our ageing copper infrastructure networks.

Any business owner that’s experienced weather-related internet downtime understands just how frustrating the experience is. When connection is down, most organisations can’t function to full effect, bringing productivity to a complete halt. Dependent on the number of services disrupted by the event, repair times can be slow due to workloads and other factors affecting the restoration of services. Along with the high repair costs and the loss of productivity associated with weather-damaged internet comes with a very hefty price tag.

Luckily, you can help avoid these problems by installing a fibre optic network. Fibre is much stronger and therefore significantly more reliable in harsh weather than traditional copper internet. Instead of relying on metal to transmit information, fibre cables use light, which is far less susceptible to a range of natural phenomena.

Here are some of the ways fibre infrastructure will reduce your risk of weather damage:

It’s “Passive” electricity-free
Fibre infrastructure is made from glass, while traditional copper wires are made from metal, which conducts electricity. Copper wires are vulnerable to corrosion, fraying or breaking in cold or hot temperatures, rain and lightning, which often results in electricity short-circuiting and connection being lost or disturbed.

It’s storm resistant
Strong winds can knock out power lines and cause ground heaves, leading to the tearing of copper lines. Alternatively, Fibre optic cabling has a much stronger insulation system and will not attract lightning, making it much more capable of surviving a heavy storm.

It’s less susceptible to water damage
Rain and flooding can leak its way into copper wiring, filling pit and pipe infrastructure with storm water affecting signal strength temporarily, or permanently. Alternatively, fibre is far less likely to attract leakages, making it far more durable.

We understand that in today’s business world, strong and reliable internet is everything. A fibre optic system will reduce your operational and capital expenditure, helping to iron out multiple productivity issues. Plus, fibre communications systems are currently up to ten times faster, with speeds growing rapidly with technology advancements, plus much more environmentally sustainable and much more scalable to growing business needs.

NCIS installs and integrates cutting-edge fibre-optic technology, helping take the communications experience of our customers to new heights. If you’re interested, inquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP.