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NCIS designs, installs and integrates cutting-edge technology to meet even the most unique communications needs.

It’s our mission to replace obsolete copper wiring with simple, scalable and sustainable fibre that nurtures future innovation and growth.

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Sustainable Network Infrastructures

Using passive splitters, a GPON consolidates your services into just one simple, high-quality fibre network, eliminating the waste caused by duplication. The use of fibre will boost your Green Star Rating. It’s made from glass, so it’s fully recyclable, plus it uses 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks.

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Having worked on installations across a wide range of sectors, from aged care to hospitality, education and construction, we can push you ahead of your field.

Boost productivity and reliability with weatherproof internet
September 20, 2017

Weather events like fire and flood are frequent in Australia, which strains our ageing copper infrastructure networks. Any business owner that’s experienced weather-related internet downtime understands just how frustrating the experience is. When connection is down, most organisations can’t fun...

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Hotels are guaranteed a secure future with GPON infrastructure
August 18, 2017

Fibre optic cabling through an integrated GPON offers a higher bandwidth, greater reach, faster connections and greater security – all at a lower cost in both opex and capex. As an industry, hospitality and gaming relies on an organic and......

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The Fibre Advantage
June 27, 2017

Installing optical fibre networks will leverage your business into the future. Here’s why. If you’re deciding whether or not to make the leap to fibre optic networks, then you’re at the stage of determining whether the benefits outweigh the costs?......

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