NCIS Group to implement this transformative aged care technology upgrade across part of the Retirement and Independent Living portfolio of Uniting NSW.ACT

NCIS Group Pty Ltd is pleased to announce it has been selected to supply and install next-generation assistive technology solutions to Uniting NSW.ACT’s Retirement Living division in NSW and ACT.

Following a complex assessment process, covering technical, service, I.T security, financial and delivery assessments, Uniting NSW.ACT recognised the substantial advantages of partnering with NCIS Group to implement this transformative technology upgrade across numerous sites.

This upgrade will replace the existing PERs (Personal Emergency Response Systems) communications technology with our partners Talius Group Limited suite and the Talius Smart Care Platform establishing a future-proof “Ageing in Place” platform for Uniting NSW.ACT addressing critical technology recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

“We are very proud to have been awarded this long-term project with Uniting NSW.ACT. As Uniting NSW.ACT is one of Australia’s leading aged care service providers, being selected as their technology delivery partner echoes our devotion to the Aged Care Industry, by demonstrating how our communication technologies from PER’s to Gigabit Passive Optic Networks can assist to in ageing in place for our Australian ageing population.”
Dean Beaumont, Managing Director – NCIS Group Pty Ltd

NCIS Group will be working collaboratively with Uniting NSW.ACT to roll out the installation of the technology, onboarding the Uniting NSW.ACT team and providing ongoing 24/7 support to its team and residents alike.

Additionally, NCIS Group has selected Sapio, one of Australia’s largest 24-hour emergency response providers to deliver A1 monitoring and response services as part of our turnkey solution.

To find out more about how the Talius Smart Care Platform and next-generation sensor technology can support your resident’s health, wellbeing and independence, please reach out and book a demonstration meeting today.

Transformative PERs Aged Care Technology