For older Australians, falls are the single leading causes of injury, extended hospitalisations, and sadly leading to death. NCIS Group is leading the charge when it comes to fall prevention and A.I prediction in aged care, by helping providers integrate the latest lifesaving radar and sensor technologies.

Working with our partners at Talius Group, NCIS will install and commission Bluetooth gateways and numerous Talius RTLS sensors through a selected Whiddon’s residential care facilities. These sensors will provide real-time alerts to Whiddon staff when a resident is likely to fall, so the team can intervene as fast as possible to prevent injury and harm.

Talius suite of tech-enabled care solutions use AI and technology and cutting-edge radar, capable of not only detecting falls – but also predicting when a person is likely to fall – and sending an alert to staff. With the help of innovative technology, the sensors can also be partnered with other devices in the Talius A.I Engine designed specifically for monitoring the health of aged care residents.

This project is part of a national trial known as BEST CARE (Building Excellence in Sensor Technology: Clinical Assessment Response Experience), which will test the effectiveness of these world-class sensor and data analytics technologies, measuring their impact on fall prevention. Read the full article from Australian Ageing Agenda here.

“NCIS Group is thrilled that we can help bring the Talius Group’s lifesaving technologies to Australia’s aged care facilities,” says Dean Beaumont, NCIS Group’s Managing Director.

“Keeping aged care residents safe requires round-the-clock monitoring, and providers need to be quick on the pulse. By commissioning and installing the most effective sensor technology available, we’re proud to be using Talius technology to prevent falls and ultimately keep our residents safe and well.”

Looking to integrate the latest radar and sensor technology for your aged care facility? Our solutions easily track resident care so you can meet Royal Commission implementation plan requirements in minutes. Talk to us about how you can integrate the Talius suite of technologies to meet the unique needs of your facility and its residents.