We live in a time of rapid technological change and to keep up, business intelligence is vital. While most organisations have access to big data, few are able to use it to leverage meaningful insights. It can, of course, be tempting to prioritise short-term issues over-investing in technology, but not doing so can be counterproductive. Companies that don’t make the most of their data struggle to identify their threats or opportunities, resulting in sluggish performance and slow growth. However, those that generate valuable insights from data are far more equipped to innovate, reduce their risks and address business challenges with confidence.

At the end of the day, would you rather make important decisions on gut feelings or well-informed intelligence?

Infrastructure is vital

The key to making the most of big data is having the right infrastructure. Traditional infrastructure is unable to keep up with large data feeds, which can cause multiple errors and compromise data quality. On the other hand, optimal GPON infrastructure will provide real-time intelligence from high data volumes and make it easy to migrate your network sustainably to any future solutions.

There are also other advantages. Clients investing in a Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platform say they have benefited from:

  • refined decision making
  • optimised internal business processes
  • operational efficiencies
  • new revenue opportunities
  • competitive advantages
  • improved identification of market trends and business problems

A case study in Aged Care: Anglicare

After investing in our GPON Infrastructure, Anglicare reports that it is better equipped to manage the many challenges Australia’s aging population is placing on aged care providers. Connecting things to the internet has provided Anglicare with a better understanding of its residents and their needs, opening up new opportunities to improve care, including:

  • medicine and prescriptive analytics
  • clinical risk intervention
  • predictive analytics
  • producing quantifiable reports of patients

Plus, Anglicare will be better placed to maximise the benefits that will emerge from BI as the volume of data intelligence continues to increase and it embraces eHealth record data, imaging data, plus patient-generated sensor data through wearable technologies.

NCIS is very excited about the huge potential for BI analytics to transform the Aged Care sector, having seen first-hand how it can provide greater quality of life and independence to residents. At the same time, we’ve also seen providers become more productive, cost-effective and innovative with their services through implementation our GPON infrastructure.

View our projects with Anglicare

NCIS leads the way in this technology

We’ve been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious award: “Best application of business intelligence to leverage value from big data” at the 2017 Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) Conference.

The ITAC conference will be a great opportunity to learn about how information technology is helping build a sustainable, quality-focused Aged Care environment.
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Date: 21 – 22 November 2017
Location: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

For more information about how you can optimise your infrastructure to leveraging the power of big data through business intelligence, inquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP.