The NCIS group, one of NSW’s leading providers of GPON network infrastructure has recently expanded to new corporate offices in Perth, WA. The new West Coast headquarters will accommodate rapid demand for GPON services, particularly in the emerging aged care and hospitality sectors of the region.

“We’re feeding organic growth across the country. Other states and territories have seen the success of our innovative solutions being rolled out in NSW and QLD, and now want to adapt these technologies for themselves,” says NCIS Managing Director, Dean Beaumont.

“Our branding, name, exposure and solutions are now attracting interstate clients and we’re having to grow our business to meet these demands.”

Western Australia is currently coming off the mining boom and to compensate, Perth and its surrounds have entered a construction phase. With the focus on development, the West Coast of Australia is open to implementing new technologies in these industry sectors, especially those with economic growth potential. As a result, many organisations are looking to develop their infrastructure.

“Now’s the time for technological expansion in WA. Companies in Perth are looking for innovation to help them with their bids and they want smarter ways of doing more with less. With the dust settling from the mining boom, they’re resource-starved and need something to pull them up economically,” says Dean.

Aged care is in a growth vertical Australia-wide due to the aging population. NCIS is currently meeting these demands, offering network infrastructure capable of improving the efficiency of facilities, while enhancing quality of life and care.

“Providing scalable infrastructure to the booming aged care industry is crucial right now. Installing and developing this infrastructure for facilities provides aging Australians with better quality of care and lifestyle, which is very important to us,” says Murrie Downing, NCIS’ Director of Sales & Marketing.

“It’s an exciting new phase for NCIS. The next step will be to continue growing our team there. We’re currently searching for more candidates.”

The NCIS group already has a huge range of new Aged Care and Hotel projects in the pipeline for WA.

Based outside of NSW? NCIS group is here to help. By investing in solid GPON communications infrastructure, your organisation can also supercharge its efficiency, well into the future. The NCIS team are award winners in the aged care and hospitality sectors, leading the charge with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your organisation. To learn more about the advantages of GPON, enquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP.