The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Final Report: What are the technological issues facing Aged Care in 2021?

There is a significant spotlight on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the newly released Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety Final Report. This highlights how increasingly important it is for Aged Care providers to strengthen their digital infrastructures and enhance the ICT skills of their workforce. Here are some of the core technological issues the Report points out, and what providers can do about them:

Insufficient bandwidth

In any given organisation, technology is crucial to business operations, but we see the importance of ICT magnified further in aged care because the entire health, safety and wellbeing of residents, and their families reliance on these systems. Aged care providers with adequate and efficient bandwidth are better-placed to track and report incidents, adopt the latest e-Health advancements and promote a level of independence in daily living tasks and reduce risks for residents. Unfortunately, a staggeringly large number of providers simply can’t meet their technological compliance requirements because they don’t have the bandwidth within their infrastructure to do so. Many do not have the bandwidth to efficiently support basic communications applications like FaceTime, Skype or even mobile phone calls for residents. This is impacting their quality of life, care and costing organisations in the long run.

Duplication of services

Duplication happens when multiple networks have been installed on the same premises, compromising speed, efficiency and workspace. It is common for aged care providers to run a number of essential services like Wi-Fi, Security, Mechanical, ICT and Electrical Systems on the disparate system. Unfortunately, these duplicate systems do not interoperate and share information very well. This can often cause a flow of effect causing duplication of effort, that ultimately impacts quality of care. It’s crucial that providers consolidate their technological networks onto one interconnected, accessible and scalable communications system that provides client-centric care to their ageing communities.

The NCIS Solution: transforming ITC in aged care

State of the art fibre infrastructure is a solution to the technological issues facing providers in 2021. NCIS Group leads the way in Aged Care Information Technology. We equip providers with a future-proof, reliable and low-maintenance fibre GPON network that drives innovation and transforms providers’ capabilities. This pressure on organisations to provide high-quality, high-speed IP and cloud-based infrastructure will only increase.

NCIS Group can help you not just meet but exceed your compliance obligations, while enhancing quality of life and care for residents and gaining better outcomes for staff. Contact us to find out more.