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We are passionate about the value of education. We’ve seen first-hand how innovative and disruptive technologies can transform learning outcomes for students from all walks of life.

Our solutions offer a range of services to improve teaching, from basic connectivity to advanced cloud-based technologies. With a single, converged network, we can enhance and support many services, such as:

  • Security: IP Security, IP CCTV, IP Access Control, IP, Intercom, Street and campus safe technologies and people counting systems.
  • Broadband Networks: High Speed Wireless Access for students and staff, WAPs, and VoIP Phones.
  • Entertainment: FTA TV, IPTV, PayTV, MATV, via RFoG, digital displays for advertising and emergency evacuation situations.
  • Building Services: BMS and Energy Management, Emergency Evacuation Systems (these ensure all students and staff present on the day have been accounted for) and automated lecture room scheduling systems.
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Benefits of
integrated GPON

Enhanced Connectivity

Our networks offer fast, feature-rich and reliable connection, access to the Internet of Things (IoT) and strong internal communications within campuses. This provides staff and students with a more efficient teaching and learning experience.

Improved Security

Through our open access platform, we provide ironclad protection against network security breaches. Plus, with secure IT through business grade LAN and guest WLAN access, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safer communications network.

Space, Efficiency & Cost Savings

With just one communications room per facility, space savings can be used to enhance educational outcomes. Also, with efficient infrastructure, you can enjoy increased workflow, more effective processes and a reduced need for human capital.

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