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Mowll Village, Lober Square

Castle Hill, NSW

Completed in 2017, Mowll Village houses 177 low-level care units and 19 villas. Situated amid 115 acres of parklands, the facility is just a short walk away from the centre of Sydney’s vibrant Hills District. It has a range of facilities to keep residents entertained and cared for, including a library, gym, health centre and a range of retail, recreation and dining options. Anglicare came to us looking for a quality communication solution to match the quality of its other infrastructure.

The NCIS Solution

Due to its proximity to other Anglicare sites, NCIS proposed that Anglicare utilise the existing master headend serving other facilities in Castle Hill. This helped reduce capital expenditure, while still providing a fully integrated Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution. The solution consolidates all communications and security needs at Mowll Villages into one, simple and effective system, which will benefit the facility in the following ways:


Benefits of the
NCIS Solution

Quality of life

With more efficient communications, staff can spend more personal, face-to-face time with residents. Plus, with feature-rich entertainment and fast connectivity, residents are constantly entertained and connected.

Quality of care

Improved care opportunities in eHealth, with the ability for live doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring, analysis, cloud-based services and the ability to generate and analyse big data.

Space savings

With just a one communications room at the facility, spatial savings can be used to improve activities for residents.


Our infrastructure provides a smooth migration to network solutions of the future, so residents can age in place, without having to move facilities as their care requirements change.