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Lober Square: Stage 4

Castle Hill, NSW

Lober Square is part of an aged care hub in Sydney’s Castle Hill. It’s a community centre for range of health, pastoral and activities, purpose-built to serve the Anglicare community. As part of stage four of this project, Anglicare built 24 luxury independent living units on the existing Castle Hills site. Located just a short walk away from the centre of Sydney’s vibrant Hills District, the apartments have a modern look and feel, with generous space, outdoor areas and cutting-edge technologies.

The Client's Challenge

In building the high end independent living units, Anglicare recognised the need for state-of-the-art communications infrastructure capable of maintaining residents’ independence for as long as possible while enhancing the quality of life and safety for residents.

The NCIS Solution

NCIS solved this need by creating a site-wide GPON solution. Due to its proximity to other Anglicare sites, NCIS helped Anglicare utilise the existing master headend serving other facilities in Castle Hill. This reduced capital expenditure, while still providing a fully integrated Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution. As part of the GPON Integrated Telecommunications Network, NCIS also integrated high-end Active, Voice/Data/MATV/IPTV capabilities, to further improve the potential Anglicare’s facilities.


Benefits of the
NCIS Solution

Quality of life

With feature-rich entertainment and fast connectivity at their fingertips, residents will enjoy a more stimulated, active mind.

Quality of care

Our cutting-edge communications technology can open opportunities to improve care in many areas, from eHealth initiatives to doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring and analysis. Plus, it can also generate big data, helping to make more informed organisational decisions.

Improved security

Our open access platform provides ironclad protection against network security breaches. Our tablet technology allows you to open and close security doors and locate missing residents on an RTLS link or Nurse Call system. We also use business-grade LAN and guest WLAN access applications, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure IT network.

Space, efficiency & cost savings

With just one communications room per facility, you can use the remaining space to further enrich residents’ quality of life. Quality infrastructure will also provide increased workflow, more effective processes and will reduce the need for human capital


Our infrastructure technology is highly sustainable, providing the smoothest migration to network solutions of the future. This will eliminate the need for core refurbishment, so you will only need to upgrade individual rooms as the building ages.