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Karingal Green

West Wycombe, WA

Newly developed by the award-winning Hall and Prior, Karingal Green is a state-of-the-art, 160-bed residential aged care home providing specialist care and wellbeing services based in Perth WA. The precinct caters to all levels of care needs and provide specialist services (including young disabled and dementia care) as well as in-home and community care packages.

The Client's Challenge

To stand out in WA’s competitive aged care sector and to deliver the highest quality of services to its community, Hall and Prior recognised that its challenge was to offer stand-out facilities to residents while having the systems in place to sustain them. This required robust, efficient and scalable communications infrastructure with extremely fast connectivity. Hall and Prior contracted NCIS to integrate a highly efficient communications system that maximised the facility’s technological potential for the long term.

The NCIS Solution

Our fully integrated Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) consolidates all of Karingal Green communications and security needs on to one, simple and effective system. This benefits the facility in the following ways:


Benefits of the
NCIS Solution

Quality of life

With more efficient communications, staff spend more personal, face-to-face time with residents. Plus, with feature-rich entertainment and fast, simple connectivity, residents are constantly entertained and connected.

Quality of care

Improved care opportunities in eHealth, with the ability for live doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring, analysis, cloud-based services and the ability to generate and analyse big data.

Space savings

With just a one communications room at the facility, spatial savings can be used to improve activities for residents.


Our infrastructure provide a smooth migration to network solutions of the future, allowing residents to age in place by eliminating the need to move them as their care requirements change.