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Donington Court

Castle Hill

In 2016, ARV (Anglican Retirement Villages) merged with Anglicare, combining the offering of two national leaders in care and support. Faced with new pressure to deliver at an even higher level of quality and efficiency, Anglicare embarked on an I.T overhaul to remove duplication and enhance overall communications across all its facilities, with the help of NCIS. On 120 acres of landscaped grounds, Donington Court was chosen as an I.T base for this project.

The NCIS Solution

We installed the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Master Head End at the Donington Court site. This will work as a primary infrastructure platform on which Anglicare can add future residential aged care facilities and independent units as it grows into the future. The high-quality, GPON infrastructure we set up will consolidate all the facilities’ services, from security, to broadband, entertainment and building management, into one, simple and effective network, as opposed to multiple disparate networks. This will open endless capacity for future expansion, providing the following benefits to Donington Court and other connected facilities:


Benefits of the
NCIS Solution

Quality of life

With more efficient communications, staff will spend more personal, face-to-face time with residents. Plus, with feature-rich entertainment and fast connectivity, residents will be constantly entertained and connected.

Quality of care

Improved care opportunities in eHealth, with the ability for live doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring, analysis, cloud-based services and the ability to generate and analyse big data.

Space savings

With just a one communications room at the facility, spatial savings can be used to improve activities for residents.


Our infrastructure will provide a smooth migration to network solutions of the future, so residents can age in place, without having to move facilities as their care requirements change.