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Donald Coburn Centre

Castle Hill

Home to 180 residents, Anglicare’s Donald Coburn Centre is situated on a quiet and leafy suburban site in Sydney’s Castle Hill. The village caters to a diversity of needs and lifestyles throughout eight separate wings, each with its own lounge, entertainment and therapy facilities. To improve communications across these wings and the community as a whole, Anglicare partnered with NCIS, tasking us with the installation and integration of our award-winning Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution.

The Client's Challenge

With the Aged Care industry going through a transformation, thanks to recent technical innovations and new government reforms, providers like Anglicare are experiencing more pressure than ever to do more with less. To stay afloat in this competitive market, innovation is essential. Anglicare felt a constant push to come up with new and dynamic ways to differentiate its services – from widening its range of amenities to adapting the latest technological developments. Aware that its current infrastructure would struggle to keep up with increasing demands, Anglicare recognised the need to transform the efficiency of its communications systems, while integrating disparate networks and reducing unnecessary repair and maintenance costs.

The NCIS Solution

To overcome this challenge, NCIS employed a fully-integrated GPON solution to consolidate all communications and security needs on to one, simple, sustainable and powerful carrier grade network. Using innovative communications technologies, we provided feature-rich and reliable infrastructure that now enables Anglicare to leverage the full benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). Not only has this provided the facility with the latest care and lifestyle initiatives, it will also ensure simple upgrades to those of the future. Additionally, by improving its network infrastructure, Anglicare now enjoys reduced capital, maintenance, administration and operational costs – all while boosting environmental sustainability. We value Anglicare’s commitment to working collaboratively with us. This has enabled it to maximise value, improve processes and enhance efficiency, leading to greater standards of care and lifestyle for all residents. Here are just some of the many benefits the Donald Coburn Centre says they have enjoyed since installing GPON:


Benefits of the
NCIS Solution

Quality of life

With more efficient communications, staff now have more personal, face-to-face time with residents. Plus, with feature-rich entertainment and fast connectivity, residents are constantly entertained and connected.

Quality of care

Improved care opportunities in eHealth have emerged, with the facility now better placed to leverage big data insights. Plus, with doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring and a range of other cloud-based services, care has been enhanced in numerous ways.

Space savings

With just a one communications room, the facility has cut back on unnecessary space being taken up by infrastructure. It can now utilise the new space to provide more activities for residents to choose from.


Our infrastructure has paved the way for a smooth migration to network solutions of the future, so residents can age in place, without having to move facilities as their care requirements change.