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Casa Cabrini

Marangaroo, Perth WA

Villa Terenzio (formerly known as Italian Aged Care Incorporated) is a not-for-profit organisation offering quality care to ageing communities, with emphasis on the spiritual, social and personal preferences of the individual. Villa Terenzio has constructed their newest building Casa Cabrini, a new residential aged care building with Badge Constructions on the Marangaroo site in Perth WA. The new leg of the facility is comprised of approximately 82 bedrooms and marks the first stage of their site redevelopment. The redevelopment was designed to enhance the quality of life and care for the local aging community.

The Client's Challenge

Villa Terenzio came to NCIS Group looking for a network solution capable of providing the highest level of residential care services to meet the needs of the local community. All aspects of the site redevelopment needed to be compliant with laws, regulations and the requirements of authorities while demonstrating social, economic, community, financial and design sustainability. Villa Terenzio identified that exceptional communications was essential to becoming a contemporary aged care facility and fulfilling these aims. Faced with this goal, IACI needed a financially viable and future-proof communications solution that could be delivered on time and on budget.

The NCIS Solution

NCIS solved these needs by integrating GPON into the existing facility, while the new building was being built. We provided the GPON Head-End Infrastructure, FTA, Satellite TV, integrated MATV solution, a full IP security system, IP CCTV, Access control and Wireless Access points across both sites. This will ensure communications are exceptional across the entire facility, not only on the new site, boosting the quality of care and efficiency facility-wide.