The Aged Care industry is undergoing rapid transformation with technological changes and new reforms causing much disruption. Despite these improvements ensuring that all Australians have access to an affordable and sustainable system, pressures have mounted on Providers as the now competitive market has called for differentiation.

We see a thriving future for Australian Aged Care Providers by connecting people to business processes and data to devices. By connecting things to the internet, Aged Care Providers have the chance to create unequaled growth opportunities. We want to help Aged Care Providers to be able to make better informed decisions so they can achieve the best possible outcomes. Ultimately, the “Internet of Things” ( IoT) helps to boost the increased needs of elderly residents, whilst providing productivity and economic benefits for Providers.

Now is the time for Providers to make the IoT a reality or risk getting left behind. These days it is not enough for Providers to solely focus on ways to retain their clients. Providers must be innovative and bold as they search for ways to help them stand out from crowd, all whilst reducing business costs to protect their operating budgets and profit margins.

Anglicare recognised that its current resources would struggle to deal with the ever-demanding needs of Australia’s ageing population and the future challenge this was likely to place on Aged Care Providers. In order to keep up and stay ahead of the industry, Anglicare knew their Aged Care system and strategy would need to change.

Our infrastructure technology is highly sustainable, which means it can provide a smooth migration to network solutions of the future. Because of this, Anglicare sought our expertise in assisting them develop and install a future-proof plan – a plan that would help them leverage new and emerging technologies into their current system.

Using innovative communications technologies, we were able to provide Anglicare with a feature rich and reliable communications infrastructure to help them fully leverage benefits of being connected to the IoT.

Through adopting a future-oriented communications strategy, we worked closely with Anglicare to ensure their desired outcomes for clients’ were met faster, more efficiently and with better resources.

Anglicare’s challenge:

Anglicare realised that their quality of care could diminish if they continued abiding by the standard ‘silo’ mentality to network infrastructure. With multiple vendors on board operating Anglicare’s communications and security services, a different approach was necessary to ensure their system was consistent, coordinated and efficient.

To overcome this challenge, we harnessed IoT implementations to help revolutionise the aged care facility in a number of ways.

IoT solution for Anglicare:

We are constantly finding new ways to improve quality and efficiency to ensure our services withstand the communications needs of our dynamic, technological world. As a result, our cutting-edge communications technology opened opportunities for Anglicare to improve their quality of care in many areas, from eHealth initiatives to doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring and analysis. And through generating big data, Anglicare was also able to make more informed organisational decisions.

Due to the amount of data Anglicare generated, we had to take into consideration the number of internet connected devices and bandwidth requirements when designing and implementing their communications solution. As a result, an open GPON Network was installed to better enable all of Anglicare’s IP devices and services to share a carrier grade communications network.

By consolidating Facility, Corporate and Entertainment Services into one, single fibre communications network, Anglicare now have the ability to change many of their IP end devices as and when new technology developments came to the market – stay up to date.

Future driven:

As technological advancements continue to utilise the internet for their communication needs, the requirement for ultra-fast, reliable and flexible networks has become a standard.

Anglicare is now ready for new advancements such as eHealth, using big data for business decisions, Facility Management & Performance. In addition, clients will be able to keep in touch with family and friends via multimedia devices, Connected to entertainment TV streaming services, such as Netflix, Stan and Foxtel.

We value Anglicare’s commitment to collaboratively working throughout the process to ensure we solved their unique requirements together. Our GPON solution meant the facility experienced an enhanced quality of life, quality of care and value for residents, visitors, staff and management.

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