The built environment is currently the world’s largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Why not make 2018 the year your business becomes more environmentally sustainable by investing in GPON? Fibre optic technology can greatly reduce the harm you leave on the planet, being fully recyclable, using 80% less copper and 70% less power than a traditional network. Plus, aside from your environmental footprint, having a sustainable facility will also benefit your organisation in many other ways, from increasing the value of your facility to reducing the costs of running it. Here are some key reasons to invest in sustainable fibre infrastructure in 2018:

Gain competitive advantage
Research shows that consumers and investors are more environmentally conscious than ever before, with this trend likely to increase in 2018. Achieving a high Green Star environmental rating is a big advantage in a crowded marketplace, helping set you apart from the competition. Studies show that doing good by the environment will do a lot of good for your business. It can give employees a greater sense of purpose, improving your workflow and naturally creating a favourable brand image for clients. This is likely to improve your likability and eventually, your overall value as an organisation.

Boost your productivity
Environmentally friendly networks are far more productive and efficient. This is because they eliminate the issue of duplication – when multiple networks are installed on the same premises, compromising speed, workspace and time. By consolidating all of this onto one energy efficient network, environmentally friendly infrastructure can provide a big operational boost. With bandwidth speeds up to nine times faster and far less interruptions, a GPON is far more productive, providing greater network security and exciting new usage opportunities. Plus, it will also adapt to a growing user capacity as your organisation expands over time.

Reduce your running costs
While switching to sustainable communications infrastructure might come at an additional cost, it will save you plenty in the long run. An environmentally friendly network uses far less power, which means a much cheaper electrical bill. Plus, by consolidating your infrastructure into one simplified, high-quality fibre network you’ll be less susceptible to internet outages and the hefty repair bills that accompany this. With a sustainable network, you’ll have more savings to invest in innovation and growth.

Ready to help the planet, boost your productivity and save money at the same time? Investing in a sustainable communications solution will transform your organisation, pushing you ahead of your industry in 2018. To learn more about the advantages of fibre, enquire now or give us a call on 1800 NCIS GROUP.